This song just popped in my head recently (I didn't write it--it's one we used to do a while back), and it expresses what I've been feeling lately. Kind of goes along with that picture I had recently as well.

You are the source of life
I can't be left behind
No one else will do
I will take hold of You
I need You, Jesus,
To come to my rescue
Where else can I go?
There's no other name by
Which I am saved
Capture me with grace
I will follow You
This world has nothing for me
I will follow You
I wish I had written that!
I was thinking about that passage of Scripture (it's in the Gospels somewhere) where Jesus asks His disciples if they are going to leave Him. And Peter says, "Lord, where else can we go?"
Think about that for a minute. Where else can you go? Can you just walk away from God? Can you even contemplate what that would mean? Think about it--there's really no where else to go! I can't live apart from Him. He is my breath, my source of life, my hope. And without hope, there is no life.
This may seem super-spiritual, and I am certainly not this way most of the time, but I've been feeling desperate lately. Desperate to get back to the roots of why I am doing this, why I am singing every week, why I am alive. I get so bogged down with the technicalities of service procedure, song flow, and business that I get very tired and forget my passion. It makes me weak, sad, feeling like maybe I'm losing it. And I don't want to lose it. I just have to remember why I'm doing this...why we're singing these songs. Why I have to attend rehearsals and go to meeting after meeting...I have to remember that the business side is not, and cannot ever be, the substance of my calling. I have to get back to my First Love.
Isn't it awful how easy it is to forget your First Love? But man, when you remember...
So, Jesus, I need You to come to my rescue. Remind me of why I am alive----You.


LauraGregg said...


i can't imagine a life without the Lord. I have tried BUT one of my assignments this week is to actually go a day thinking about what it would be like to be with out God. Its for one of my classes and I will let you know how it goest :)

Joel said...

thank you dearest for the prayer.

great blog, btw. what better place to be than to be in total desperation to seek His face. Hold fast miss sarah, for some reason this state of desperation can easily fade away and be forgotten. well i mean its obviously satan and all of the distractions of this world. this is actually something that has been fresh in my mind lately. thanks for sharing, its boosts the desperation even more :)

Kristin said...

I hear what you're saying! During worship last night, I was feeling that way...that this whole week has just run into one never-ending day, yet it's full of all "church" stuff (meetings and practices) so sometimes I feel guilty that it wears me out. But then we did this song and it helped my perspective. Thanks for the blog, it's nice to know we're not alone! ;)

Your faithfullness endures always
Where mountains fall and reason fails
And You calm the raging seas
And You calm the storms in me, again

All I know is I find rest in You
All I know is I find rest in You

My heart will praise throughout the night
Where singing seems a sacrifice
Your grace is all I need
Your grace is all I need

"Rest in You" - Hillsong