Joining hands across America...

I realized something about myself yesterday. I have a passion for unity.

Does that sound hokey? Here's what I mean. One of my aspirations in life is to one day lead at a Passion (or something of the like) conference (and maybe to even speak at at breakout session, but that's besides the point). I've been to the Thirsty conference twice, and they were AMAZING because you're in a room of, I don't know, 2 thousand people who all have the same thing on their minds---worshipping the one true God. So you've got 2 thousand people unified in thought, worshipping in spirit and in truth at the same time. There's nothing like it. This is what heaven will be!

When I'm leading a usual service on a Sunday morning and I can hear all the voices in unison to the extent that I don't even need to be on the microphone leading them anymore, that is the utmost fulfillment of my job. These people, from so many different walks of life, have finally come together for one purpose...this doesn't happen every week, unfortunately, because people have distractions and mixed-up priorities and, well, people are just human...but I have a passion to see it happen every week.

So when we go out into the world like Jesus told us, what is it for? It's to bring others to a spirit of unity with the Body of Christ, right? We want them to know God and to worship Him. In that sense, beyond all denominations and factions and other trivial details, we MUST be unified. Because this is what it will be in heaven...complete unity.

You know, the more you say "unity", the weirder it sounds. Just a thought.

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