Dear Anonymous Bloggers,

Whomever you are, please do not leave your unsolicited advertisements on my blog. Though you begin your messages very nicely, I do not believe that you enjoy reading my blog or that you read it at all. I will not ever click the hyperlinks you post, so please do not think that you are obtaining more business. Your comments are only annoying me, as well as the "real" readers of this blog, and will quickly be deleted.

Best wishes to you, whomever you are, and here's hoping you find a better place to advertise.

Yours sincerely...


David Russell said...

Login to your admin section and go to Settings, then Comments, and change "Show word verification in comments" to Yes.

This will force users who are commenting to retype an image of a word (bots can't read images.)

That will settle the spam issue.

PS. Found your blog via Shawn Wood.

Sarah said...

ah! thank you.