Worship Wednesday!

Yes, it's Thursday, but I didn't want to wait any longer! I'm joining this one a little late, but I'm excited to participate in Worship Wednesday and be held accountable to post more regularly!
This comes from some of my blogging friends, beautiful Tiffany and the ever-inspiring Hillary. The idea is to pause for a moment and pay attention to God by posting a worship song that is flooring us recently and share a bit of what the Lord is doing in our lives--basically, to use the internet for the best possible purpose. :)

I heard this song for the first time late last week and had chill bumps the entire time. I cannot wait to introduce it to our congregation, but in the meantime, I want to experience it fully myself:

The whole album is rocking my world. I highly recommend it...

I also decided to join April in a #Scripturedoodle journey through the alphabet. Each day, we take the next consecutive letter for the alphabet and ask God what He thinks of us (starting with that letter). I write three words or phrases I hear, then find the Scriptures that refer to it. It's really been amazing and so, so affirming to be reminded of who God says we are, and to find new passion for His Word. I encourage you to jump in, too! Here's a few of my recent doodles (well, more words than doodling, but still):

All in all, I am loving the Lord and the journey He is taking me through in this season as a new bride. Tremendous freedom, tremendous healing, tremendous discovery...

Happy pursuit of Him!


Tori Easom @ easoms.com said...

Sarah, so glad you linked up! This is so, so beautiful. Such a blessing to read and worship along with you.

Tiffany Pate said...

I am in love with that song, its so beautiful and haunting. I love you doing this.

Leighton said...

"Sweet Sarah", one of my favorite stories & scriptures is NAHUM 1:7 , simply put, THE LORD IS GOOD! DAYNEU!
Love Paul & Kari joining their "hearts" and producing such a powerful song!
Love Ya'll..
Uncle Leighton & Auntie Tricia :)