thankful seventeen.

#336 - 364

the music of Bethel Church

Jenn Johnson

vacation nail polish (we're talking BRIGHT hot pink)

watching old and new thriller movies with my husband

vacation food

surprise dates

rain and a screened-in porch

reading a biography and feeling smarter

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

true stories of courage

love that conquers tragedy (bless you, Colorado)

washing machines

bookstores on a quiet Sunday evening

misheard lyrics

arranging music in a new style with great musicians who I also get to call friends

relaxed conversations

easy friendships

teaching truth

weekly coffee dates

the personalities of our house pets

fresh paint


sunny mornings

gas station coffee

cheerful gas station attendants

that "I just worked out" feeling

giving people opportunities to use their giftings

Bob's Red Mill unsweetened coconut

the voice of the Lord bringing clarity and comfort

What are you thankful for today?

(currently reading this...)

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