thankful fifteen

#335 - 358

answered prayers

Glenn Miller's Christmas music

wrapping presents

buying stocking stuffers

wearing big hoop earrings

an unexpected note from my cousin in Thailand

our all-staff Christmas parties

oyster roasts!

laughing so hard I cry, especially in quiet places (sorry, Barnes & Noble)

ironic humor


love notes

mint chocolate gum

finding home decor that both Travis and I like

pictures that remind me of the day we got engaged

being on the same page

the Food Network

new cookbooks, even if I rarely use the recipes within

the series Planet Earth, which showed me aspects of God's creation I didn't know existed

a torch-lit canoe ride through a black cypress swamp on a cold night

hearing a good storyteller make a familiar tale sound new again

receiving photo Christmas cards of families I love


finding the joy in the mundane

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