thankful thirteen!

It's been entirely too long since I've given thanks. You would think that a girl would be CONSTANTLY thankful after getting so much closer to the desire of her heart (I got engaged about two months ago!), but it turns out that thankfulness can get pushed aside rather quickly with all the details and rush of planning a wedding. Even in the good seasons, you must choose to stop and be thankful. And so, today, I pick up my list and embrace this moment, with ring on finger, leaves changing, and joy all around.

#288 - 308


holiday music stations on Pandora (I'm finally ready to listen)

tuxedo cat fur (yes, I am constantly thankful for my cat. He is a pure joy.)

Thanksgiving cards made by children

an upcoming road trip through the mountains

Bing Crosby's voice

autumn-colored leaves

orange quote-shaped post-it notes

mixed media art

hair bows

baking on my day off!

with my Kitchen Aid mixer!

my giant family gathering for Thanksgiving

the fact that it's almost time to watch Christmas movies ("Elf" is first on the list!)

the lyric, "you've got garlic in your soul" (name that song)

green, yellow and plum

the diamond ring on my finger (have I mentioned that yet?)

the fiance who gave me the ring...

the fact that I get to call him, "my fiance"

55 paper lanterns now residing in my apartment, waiting for my wedding day...

the Lord's constant care and attention. He is so good, and so mind-blowing!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm thankful that you're reading my blog! :)

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